Types of “For Rent” Signs

A good “For Rent” sign is crucial if you want to find tenants as soon as possible. There can be various types of rental signs. See the descriptions of some of them below.

Common rental signs are hanging signs, A-frame signs, H-frame sign and arrow signs.

Hanging signs are especially noticeable on the sidewalk. They are hanging on a metallic or a wooden construction. The construction itself is fixed in the ground. The signs can have any shape, though usually they are square or rectangular. Very often to attract more attention the rental signs are made in a shape of a house. Hanging signs can have the text “For Rent” on both sides, this way the sign can be noticed from more angles.

A-frame, as the name of it hints, has a shape of the capital letter A. These signs do not need any specific installation. You just open it and put it on the ground. These signs can be seen on the lawn and on the pavement. The advertisement can be on either one side of the A-frame or on both sides. Obviously, double-sided signs will increase its noticeability.

There are two types of A-frames standard and premium. With standard A-frame signs the advertisement is printed on vinyl stickers and then attached to the construction. While with the premium A-frames the message is printed on a separate board which is then hanged on the A-frame construction. Premium A-frame signs can be useful for those who often need to use A-frames. In this case you do not need to buy a new A-frame every time, you can keep the old construction and order a new board with the advertisement to hang on it.

H-frame has a shape of the capital letter H, again you can guess it from its name. The construction of these signs is metallic and it is again fixed on the ground. These are a commonly used and an affordable type of signs.

Arrow signs are used as hanging signs. The text is printed on the arrow and it is hanged on a construction. You can order an arrow with any design. These are often put on the sidewalk so passersby can see to which house it is pointing to.

The materials used for making these signs are mainly aluminum, coroplast and PVC.

For rental signs direct digital printing is used. All these signs are printed with high-quality UV inks. The signs are all types of weather resistant and will not lose their initial look over time.